Lifting capacity,t-25

Lifting height,m-21,5

Boom outreach,m-2,4-18,4


Base trucks

  • МАZ (630303, 6303А3, 631236 (euro-4)
  • КАМАZ (55111, 65115, 53228, 53229)
  • КrAZ (65053, 63221)
  • MAN CLA 26.280



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Load-lifting parameters
Lifting capacity max., t25,0
Boom outreach at max. lifting capacity, m3,2
Boom outreach, m2,4-18,4
Max. loading moment, kN.m800,0
Hook lifting height max.,/with jib, m21,5/30,0
Hook dropping depth max., m13,0 (до 12,5т)
Quantity of boom sections, pcs3
Boom length, m/with jib, m9,7-21,7/30,7
Crane turning radius in move, m 12,0
Crane slewing angle/operation zone, degrees360,0/240,0
Weight of crane installation, kg14300
Lifting-dropping speed
- with load of max. weight, m/min6,0
- with load of weight to 4t, m/min12,0
Load landing speed, m/min0,4
Rotation speed per min1
Duration of outreach changing, sec45,0
Speed of boom sections extending (retracting), m/min 7,3
Outriggers base
At length, m3,85
At width, m4,8
Crane geometric parameters
Length, m12,0
Width, m2,5
Height, m4,0
Lifting capacity chart
Lifting capacity chart 1
Lifting capacity chart 1
  • Telescopic  boom, produced of high quality steel with using up-to-date technologies, allows to perform a complete complex of lifting works, changing a length from 9,7m to 21,7m and rotation angle ranged 0-360 degrees. 
  • Outriggers base of optimum size and construction provides stability at operation on fully extended outriggers as well as on retracted ones (tight space).
  • Using in hydraulic system a compacting and pump joints of leading world brands «Simrit», «Parker» provides a hermeticity, reliability and durability of crane operation
  • Set of devices ПЗК-10 with microprocessor loading limitation device and telemetric memory block (black box) ensures safety of crane running, protecting from overloading and tipping
  • Coordinate protection system (СНЕП) blocks crane operation while reaching close to  electric wires, ensuring its safety and protection 
  • Coordinate protection system (СНЕП) blocks crane operation while reaching close to  electric wires, ensuring its safety and protection 
  • Lattice jib - increases lifting height on 9 m
  • Hydraulic distributor with electronic proportional control of «Sauer Danfoss» (joysticks control)

          - raising easiness,  smoothness and convenience of operations performance

  • Remote radio control
    - providing wireless control of load travel,  convenient operators location, high level of safety and efficiency of        crane operation
  • Electric power off gear mechanism  (electric engine)
    - allows to reduce a financial expenses for crane running
  • Air conditioner
    - making comfort for crane operator
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